Polystyrene (PS)

Polystyrene (poly(1-phenylethene) (CHEBI:53276) consists of styrene monomers. It is a widely used synthetic polymer for packaging industries but also many daily use articles such as CD cases, plastic cutlery, are produced from this polymer. A numbert of reports have been published prvoding information on microial and/or insect-based degradadtion. These studies have not led to the identification of enzymes involved in PS degradadtion. Currently no enzymes acting on the polymer are known.
Predicted and not characterized enzymes will not be listed. In case you are aware of PS-active and biochemically characterized enzymes, please contact the PAZY team.

Please cite the database by referring to: P.C.F. Buchholz, H.L. Zhang, P. Perez-Garcia, L-L. Nover, J. Chow, W. R. Streit, J. Pleiss (2022);Plastics degradation by hydrolytic enzymes: the Plastics-Active Enzymes Database - PAZy,

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